Taking Your Spa Experience into the Shower

Recently, I posted some easy tips for making the most of your spa bath experience at home. These included simple things like creating a spa-like atmosphere, giving yourself time away, and throwing the clock out. You can see the original post at “Creating Your Own Spa.” However, you don’t have to take a bath to have a spa experience! Use these tips the next time you’re in the mood for a luxurious shower.

     Make Some Small Investments
     This is the part when I tell you that a few small investments will really enhance your experience in the shower, and you are going to doubt me just as I doubted the girl who told me this at my bridal shower. Katie, a wonderfully sweet girl, probably gave me the best shower gift: huge white body towels and a memory foam bath mat. At first, all I could think was, “Thanks… but we have TONS of  enough towels… and my bathmat works just fine.” This all changed when my new husband set everything up and handed me a new towel as I got out of the shower one morning. Seriously, there is nothing like wrapping yourself in a thick body towel — like these Microdry towels — and stepping out of the shower onto mini-foot-heaven — found here! Treat your body and you will reward your soul. I’m a total believer!
      Create the Perfect Spa Atmosphere

     Just because you’re in the mood for a quick shower (or if you’re the kind of person who avoids baths at all costs) doesn’t mean you can’t indulge yourself. Place a few aromatherapy candles on your bathroom counter, and light them about 10-15 minutes before you get in the shower. This will give the candles a chance to start releasing their scent into the bathroom. Set everything up prior to your shower. This will only take a few moments to do, but think of how lovely it is to get out of the shower and have your bath robe, hair and skin products, and makeup all laid out and ready. Creating a spa-like shower experience means taking out the post-shower scramble. Turn your quick shower into a mini-spa!
     Pamper Yourself

     Indulging yourself while you take a shower is actually very, very easy! You’ve already got all the essentials laid out, your aromatherapy candles are lit, and you’re ready to indulge. Now, all is left is your products. For a truly magical spa shower, get away from the harsh soaps found in your local grocery store and chemical-smelling hair products. Treat your body to moisturizing soap with essential oils, a delicious sugar body scrub, and natural shampoo that won’t dry your hair out. You can even drop a shower tablet (like a bath bomb / bath fizz made especially for showers) at the beginning of your shower to really get the magical going!

The most important thing to remember is that a quick shower can be quick without being mundane!
What is your shower normally like?

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