Pick-Me-Up Smelling Salts: An Uplifting Aromatherapy Recipe

Painted in 1804; referenced from ArtSunLight Oil Paintings

Smelling salts remind us of Victorian England when women swooned and wore too-tight corsets, but smelling salts in some form are still used today in our hospitals to keep patients from losing consciousness. It is amazing when something made so popular by Victorian women is still effectively used today. Still, the thought of smelling something awful to stay awake doesn’t sound so appealing to most.

The concept, however, is that scents have a direct effect on our conscious minds, and this has been scientifically proven. It is a fact that some of our most pleasant memories are triggered by smells, and you can use this philosophy to your advantage through aromatherapy. By incorporating aromatherapy into the use of smelling salts, you can have a direct effect on your own mood!

Try this recipe the next time you’re feeling down and need an uplifting insta-pick-me-up! Used in smelling salts and aromatherapy, Bergamot essential oil is an effective anti-depressant. Grapefruit essential oil, as with many citrus oils, is perfect for lifting your mood and spirits, and Ylang-Ylang (most commonly pronounced ilang-ilang) is an anxiety reliever. Together, they are a pleasant and uplifting blend.

2 Tablespoons Sea Salt- coarse grain
3 drops Bergamot Essential Oil
1 drop Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil
1 drop Grapefruit Essential Oil

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until all the oils have been distributed evenly throughout the salt. Spread out on a cookie sheet and allow to dry for at least an hour.

Scoop the salts into a container. Amber bottles are the best at keeping the oils fresh and away from damaging sunlight, but any closed container will work. Sniff the salts lightly as needed. Avoid touching the salts, and do not ingest.

Would you try the recipe? Have you used smelling salts like this before?


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