Anti-Aging Green Tea: The Power of Green Tea

Did you know that Green Tea comes from the same plant as regular Black Tea? I certainly didn’t! As far as I was concerned, anything labeled Green Tea was Green Tea, and anything labeled Black Tea must come from a completely different plant. As I flipped through a book from my boss’ library (I nanny part-time), I discovered that while Green Tea is from the same plant as Black Tea, it is processed differently, allowing more of its natural benefits to remain intact all the way to your kettle.

     The book I was reading was The Top 100 Immunity Boosters: 100 Recipes to Keep Your Immune System Fighting Fit by Charlotte Haigh. The book was set up in sections according to the type of food and provided a brief overview of the properties of that ingredient — from fruits and veggies to herbs and spices — and ways to incorporate it into your everyday diet. I found the book interesting enough to go onto Amazon and look at some of the reviews from others (4.5/5 Stars), and I have subsequently purchased it myself. I especially loved the idea of going into the back of the book to the “ailments” section. It is a great way to find alternatives to modern medicine through your diet.

Anyway, on the page about Green Tea, the author includes that Green Tea is a wonderful anti-aging tea. Splendid! The author also adds that if you’re looking for Green Tea, it is recommended that you drink Gunpowder Green Tea that has been steeped for at least 5 minutes. There is also a yummy recipe included for a Minty Green Tea recipe that sounded absolutely divine! I will definitely be trying it out as soon as my book arrives! Anti-aging herbs and spa treatments are great for aging women and those looking to take preventative measures against aging!

Want a sneak peak at a few more immunity boosters included? Cayenne Pepper, Elderflower, and Papaya just to name a few… Check out the book for other anti-aging herbs and immunity boosting remedies!


3 responses to “Anti-Aging Green Tea: The Power of Green Tea

  1. Sounds lovely! Now if only I could trick my taste buds into liking any type of tea …

  2. Great information. I love black tea but never could get to liking green tea.

  3. I’m the same way, but I’m trying really hard. I acquired the taste for wine and beer when I hit 21, so I’m confident that I can be successful with Green Tea!

    Thanks for commenting Aquariann and Sher! You rock!

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